Ground Pounder...up close, and personal!

Model: 1995 Dodge Club Cab
Frame: Tube Frame with a 12 point roll cage
Engine: Dodge - 540ci - 1400hp
Transmission: Collins 400
Axles: Rockwell 106
Suspension: Leaf Springs with Shocks
Fuel: Alcohol
Height: 12' tall
Width: 12' wide
Weight: 10,000 pounds
Date Built: 8/94
Built By: Steve Woodard

Sponsored By:
NAPA Dale Auto Supply
Ozark, AL - (334)774-8700
Collins Transmission
Ozark, AL - (334)774-5650
Interstate Batteries
Dothan, AL - (334)793-2419
Morgan Fuels
Enterprize, AL - (334)347-3525
Belmor Autotron
Chicago, IL
Owner/Driver: Steve Woodard
Years Racing: 3
Accomplishments: 1996 Rookie of the Year, Jumping 25' in the air, Jumping 8 cars forward and 6 cars backward.
Favorite Competition: Free Style
Favorite Race: ALL races
Memorable Moment: Going to the finals against Bigfoot, Digger, Overkill, Snake know, the top 10 trucks

Ground Pounder Racing
RT 3 Box 469
Ozark, AL 36360

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